TIL: How to handle if image didn’t load

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Sometimes you can have a problem with images, especially when urls for them is generated in the code. Like for Gravatar service. User has an email, but she doesn’t use Gravatar service. You don’t want to make an additional call to check if image is there or handle that on the server. You only want to make one call and if the image doesn’t exist or it can’t be loaded, a placeholder image should be displayed or the empty image should be hidden altogether.

Html tag <img/> has two event methods onLoad and onError, which could be used for this case.

JS Bin - example


function onLoad(src) {
  console.log("Image was loaded " + src);

function onError(src) {
  console.log("Image doesn't load " + src);

Yes, I know Gravatar provides default image if image for an email doesn’t exist. But sometimes that isn’t enough.

Gravatar - Image Requests